Moisturizer Is Important For Pimple Prone Skin Health and Wellness

Moisturizer Is Important For Pimple Prone Skin  Health and Wellness

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Moisturizer Is Important For Pimple Prone Skin

Posted by HealthInfo Posted on 15-01-2010

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If you are troubled by acne then you probably don’t need a moisturizer. This is what most acne sufferers think. However, this is not even close to the truth. Even if you suffer from acne, your skin wants some kind of moisturizing for sure.

The public going thru acne do acne dont employ a moisturizer simply because they believe that employing a moisturizer will make their skin more oily. As a result, their acne will aggravate further. But, your acne wont increase on employing a moisturizer, provided you use the right moisturizer.

As a matter of fact, problem skin wants moisturizing more than standard skin. This is because most of the acne are scheduled to cause skin dryness. If this dryness isnt dealt with, the skin turns coarse and scaly. Using a moisturizer prevents your skin from becoming coarse and scaly and imparts a healthy glow to your skin.

While employing a moisturizer is vital for acne influenced skin, what is even more important is that you use the right moisturizer. You cant use any moisturizer that comes your way. Go in for non comedogenic moisturizers as they do not block your skin pores. Using comedogenic products will only block your skin pores, causing further damage to your skin.

Also, ensure that you go in for a moisturizer which has an oil free base or a water base. Such moisturizers replenish your skin with satisfactory moisture and that too without making your skin oily. The Exposed Moisture Complicated is one such moisturizer. It is a lightweight gel that moisturizes your skin without making it oily. You could purchase it as an individual product or get it for free with the Exposed 6 Piece Expanded Kit.

These days, several medicated moisturizers are also available in the market. These moisturizers are specifically meant for acne prone skin or delicate skin. They give your skin the requisite moisture and also limit the growth of causative organisms. You can simply find one in the market or ask your doctor for a similar.

Now you have understood the importance of moisturizing for acne affected skin, you also need to know about the right use of moisturizers. You need to moisturize your skin only twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

It is also critical that you use these products only after cleaning your skin. Moisturizers if applied on mucky skin can do more damage than benefit. For most impressive results, it is suggested that you moisturize your face right after washing. This is as thats when your skin absorbs the maximum moisture.

Next time you are formulating a skin care regime for acne prone skin, ensure you include moisturizing too.

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