One of the best ways to

One of the best ways to

One of the best ways to achieve weight loss is through exercise. The main problem a lot of people have with this is that people get bored. Running on a treadmill for long periods can be downright boring.Below are 5 ways to exercise and have fun at the same time.

1. Bicycle

I’m not talking about a stationary bicycle. Let’s get out into the great outdoors and sightsee while we exercise Remember how much fun you had on your bike as a kid? It’s still fun as an adult. And there’s no need to ride in traffic with the risk to life and limb. Get one of the wonderful new mountain bikes that are available now and get out to some hilly areas and enjoy. Many parks also have bike trails that are a joy to use.

2. Tennis

Tennis is a sport that can be played indoors all year around. In many areas of the world, it can be played outside year round or close to it . Make sure you carefully selecty your shoes and tennis racket so you get a minimum of joint soreness. What soreness you do get should go away soon if you start out slowly and work your way up.

3. Pilates

Pilates is a great way to get in shape and the variety of movements is vast. There are enough different pieces of equipment and movements to make sure you never get bored. Professional instruction at your gym is often available and a good idea to get a correct start.


You don’t have to be great or even good to enjoy dancing as a way to keep in shape. Take a class in one of the many styles and enjoy your exercise. Dancing can make you sweat and it helps release mood enhancing endorphins, and who doesn’t want that? You can dance alone or even have more fun with a partner.

5. Walking

The old standby. Don’t discount it though. Walking through a scenic route, possibly your own neighborhood, can be very beneficial for weight loss and give you a view at the same time.

When you are having fun exercising, you’re more likely to stick to it . Find out what is most fun for you and go for it!

Quick Tip #1

Use water in place of soft drinks. The amount of sugar in soft drinks can sabotage your weight loss efforts and should be avoided. Yes, you should also avoid diet sodas. Water is best.

Quick Tip #2

Get more exercise the easy way by walking more. Park further away from your destination and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk after dinner at least 3 times a week. This will really add up and make a difference.

Quick Tip #3

Recruit a weight loss partner. This can be friend or Family member and makes you accountable to someone else. Motivate each otherand make sure neither of you slack off.Workouts can be more fun and productive when you have a partner.


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